Is It Time For A Mouse Swap?


Is It Time For A Mouse Swap?


Hand Pains & Fatigue When Using A Conventional Computer Mouse Can Stop You From Working Or Gaming


Now there’s a NEW SOLUTION that’s endorsed by scientists:

The patented and trademarked RBT Mouse from Quadra Clicks


Make this the last time you click your mouse in pain:



If You’ve Tried Other Types Of Computer Mouse Without Success, Try The RBT Mouse

  • Reduces tendon stress
  • Lowers muscle fatigue
  • Increases accuracy and performance
  • Greatly reduces the chances of developing tendon problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome


Validated and Endorsed By Expert Neurophysiology & Bioengineering Scientist Dr Maik Zannakis:


“I discovered to my great pleasure and some amazement that the Quadra Clicks RBT Mouse will help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. I’m happy to be able to recommend a product that will help anyone at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.”



124 medical & scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals

14 medical device patents awarded in the USA

16 National Institutes of Health grants.



Symptoms The RBT Mouse Can Reduce & Eliminate:

  • Pain, numbness, burning, tingling, pins & needles, and itching in your fingers or hands
  • Shooting ‘electric shocks’ from the fingers to the hand or wrist
  • Pain that wakes you up at night
  • Numbness that causes you to drop things
  • Problems ‘pinching’ small objects such as buttons, shoelaces, and coins



There Are 500,000 New Cases Of

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Every Year In The USA.


It’s become the most common

muscoskeletal disorder in the country.


The RBT Mouse Helps:

Anyone who experiences pain or discomfort when using a conventional mouse, including:


Computer Professionals

Graphic Artists


Anyone else who needs to use their hands or fingers to perform repetitive activities.


Change your mouse and lose your symptoms today



How It Works

With a conventional computer mouse, fingertip pressure is required to press buttons. When not pressing buttons, the fingertip remains hovering over the button, which uses multiple muscle groups and tendons. Maintaining this position results in a twofold increase in the hydrostatic pressure inside the carpal tunnel.


The Quadra Clicks RBT mouse (it stands for Right ‘Bove Touch BTW) requires no such hovering, so causes no stresses on the fingers. Contact points move from the fingertips to the second knuckles, bypassing the affected area, reducing pressure inside the carpal tunnel space and allowing healing to begin.



What’s Different About The RBT Mouse?


  • SOLVES HAND, FINGER, AND WRIST PROBLEMS caused by the repetitive stress of clicking


  • REINVENTS THE WAY YOU CLICK so vulnerable tissues are no longer exposed to stress and trauma


  • BYPASSES PROBLEM AREAS Clicking calls on different biomechanical processes in the hand


  • ELIMINATES THE SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM, unlike ergonomic computer mice that merely ease pressure for a while before the constant need to click causes problems to return


Change Your Mouse.

Lose Your Pain.

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 I am confident that you will love the difference in your wrist and mouse work.
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