The Cost of Computer Mouse


The computer mouse was designed to be used while standing. 

Usage today is sitting which changes the angle of your wrist which causes carpal tunnel injuries.  

There are over 500,000 carpal tunnel surgery cases in the United States, costing $2 billion dollars each year.  (CDC) 

That is $40 billion dollars over the past 2 decades.

Carpal Tunnel Injuries affected over 5 million U.S. workers in 2010 and growing.  PubMed

Computer peripherals companies have known about this for over two decades. Not only have they not corrected it, they have falsely advertised that they have. 

Ergonomically designed mouse is a falsely advertised solution. 

It's just as bad as the original design and they're hiding this behind "ergonomics".

Ergonomic mouse causes carpal tunnel injuries.  

According to National Library of Medicine the common “ergonomic” mouse produced by  other companies gave false hope while provided no actual prevention nor relief to RSI sufferers.


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More data: 

CTS is responsible for 32.5% of repetitive motion injuries at the workplace U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

18% of workers who develop CTS report leaving their job within 18 months Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation (Volume 10, Issue 1)

CTS surgery occurs between 400,000 and 500,000 cases annually in the US with an economic cost of over $2 billion. PubMed

10-15% of CTS surgery patients change jobs after the operation. Post-CTS surgery, 10-30% of patients have wrist strength complications University of Maryland Medical Center

Carpal tunnel syndrome results in the highest number of days lost among all work related injuries. Almost half of the carpal tunnel cases result in 31 days or more of work loss.National Center for Health Statistics

United States, employers spend more than $7.4 billion in workers compensation costs, and untold billions on medical treatment, litigation costs, hidden costs and lost productivity. U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

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