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Right 'Bove Touch 


Let’s play a little game. Imagine your best friend walks into your room and starts complaining about this pain they’ve been having for a while now.


It started as nothing out of the ordinary, just some slight ache in their wrist. But lately, it’s turned into a sharp pain that feels like someone’s pricking their hands with a couple of needles. And their wrist feels like it just had a 3-hour muscle-busting workout. Heck, even lifting a pen now feels like someone’s stabbing their hand with it.


Most people will chalk that experience up to someone getting too ambitious with their workout and tearing up some arm muscle in the process. But if you’ve ever played OverWatch or League of Legends (both are video games) Religiously or worked at a job that’s heavy on computer usage, you know the true culprit all too well.


Yes, I’m talking about the all-too-familiar aching wrist and prickly hands condition medically known as carpal tunnel syndrome. But you see, I didn’t always know about this condition...


In the Grip of CTS


I had the unfortunate experience of coming face to face, or dare I say hand to hand, with this painful condition during college.


Life was going as good as I could hope for as a college kid. I mean, I didn’t get a GPA that a parent would flaunt to friends at a party. Nor did I party hard or kill it in the world of dating. But one thing I did well was the stock market.


The point is, I was the picture-perfect example of a college try-hard. Nothing glamorous, but lots and lots of hard work to make a future for myself.


Now, everybody needs a vice to keep their head from going insane. And mine just so turned out to be League of Legends. Typical 2009 college kid, right?


It didn’t start that way, but before long, I was on the PC 7-16 hours a day, banging on the mouse and keyboard as if League was some clicker game that printed real money. To say that it was an addiction would make it sounded like an understatement... =P


Unfortunately, the only payback I got from all that gaming was a bad case of CTS. Like really, really bad. I remember lifting an orange, or rather trying to lift one, and then losing my grip on it halfway because my hand hurt so much.


But what hurt even more than the physical pain was the emotional rollercoaster I suddenly found myself strapped on, except this one seemed to go downwards all the way...not the fun woohoo kind either. 


The message was clear. I must do something about this menace without resorting to unreliable surgical procedures. And hence my search started for a natural solution.



Stumbling Upon Happiness


Call it a moment of accidental genius, but I remember printing two mouse designs where I got the spacing wrong. The sting of losing that $60 worth of material was real. But little did I know that small misprint was going to change my life.


Turns out the RBT design I had in my hands, one that I considered a mistake all along, can reduce the click force by a substantial amount. Following all the refinements we’ve made over the years, that figure is up to 50% at the moment.


Here’s what that means. You only have to put 50% of the force you’d normally put into clicking compared to the typical mouse.


This discovery left me dumbfounded because we have computer peripherals companies with net worth’s crossing billions upon billions of dollars. And yet none of them are pursuing this revolutionary change of design. 


It reminds me of the story of the emperor with invisible clothes. Two swindlers convince him to buy an invisible dress. The emperor walks around all proud in his new cloak of invisibility. Never mind the fact that he’s walking around butt naked, since that’s what invisible clothes are supposed to look like, right?


Well, considering that the Big Corps being the emperor and can literally put people's career to death on a whim, no one dares to point the not-so-invisible fact out to him. He prods around the city and everybody acts amazed at his majestic new dress. That is, until a boy too naïve to care about consequences says it out loud, “Look, Lowgeeezztech is naked!”

I believe we’re seeing the same thing happen in the computer mouse industry.

Companies have spent millions and possibly billions of dollars on mouse “ergonomics” R&D. So it’s little surprise that nobody wants to consider the fact that the original mouse design was made for a world existed in the 1900's where people were used to compute a mouse while standing.

The original mouse designers never expected those massive units called computers to turn into the laptop-sized devices of today and be used by everyone for as many as a dozen hours daily......Sitting down!

But we know the realities. And yet for some reason, they continued on “innovating” based on an outdated design made for a world that no longer exist.



The QuadraClicks' Mission


Here’s the conundrum we’ve found ourselves in. On one hand, we have a revolutionary product that we know can literally change lives for so many people across the world. CTS rates skyrocketed along with the rise of personal computers.

We have the solution right in our hands with the RBT mouse. The only problem is, today’s news channels have created more skepticism than Ricky Roll's.  (Don't click, I dare you =P ) 


This makes a relatively less known startup like us struggle to convince media to promote our solution to the world, to you.


Hey, my name is Qeric Koten, I'm the inventor of RBT.  I’m on a mission to gather 1,000 testimonials from people, *hint hint* I'm looking at you.

You know, the people who lead change and hop onto beneficial trends before they turn into a trend in the first place.

The very fact that you’re reading this message is proof that you’re open to new ideas. *wink wink*

Okay here's my ask:

So whether you’re ready to ditch the outdated mouse design or already have an RBT proudly displayed next to your rig, help us get the word out by sharing your experience.

Record your hand grip force, use the RBT mouse for 100 days, and then finally measure your grip again. I can promise you, you’ll see a significant difference!

More so if you’re suffering from CTS like I was during all those miserable years.


Yes we can beat CTS from computer usage into a steep decline


—saving one hand at a time—hopefully starting with yours!



P.S. Feel free to drop any questions or suggestions or praises... I really don't mind... 

please email us at QuadraClicks@Gmail.com

I’d love nothing more than to hear from you!