RBT History and Updates

hey there, my name is Qeric Koten, I'm the founder and inventor of QuadraClicks, we make and distribute the Rabbit mouse - designer performance / healthy choice endorsed by blender 3d, we're saving the world one hand at a time 😃https://www.blendernation.com/2019/10/23/hardware-review-quadraclicks-rbt-rabbit-mouse/ Interesting how life sometimes throws at you a bunch of lemons without letting you know there's a possibility for lemonade.
Growing up a gaming enthusiast it's no surprise I'd given League of Legends over 1,000 hours of my life in just under a year and the game loved me so much so that numb fingers, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, stiff neck, migraines were just Riot's natural way of saying "thanks".
My right hand became weak, picking up an orange would trigger needle-filled pains in the palm, and with it rage and a sense of self-pity. It didn't make sense to me, I was life's best example of a serial try-hard. Didn't party during college, GPA went from 4.0 to 2.5, gave up dating, and made good from stock market. In a way, I felt I shouldn't have been "punished" so harshly for my gaming lifestyle. I tried every mouse product on the market at that time, some would cause less pain for a little while but it'd eventually became intolerable. It was decision time: a real man sacrifices a part of his body to keep the whole in tact, so I cut off the mofo debilitating right hand.... Joking.
CTS Surgery like any surgery had never appealed to me, and there weren't (still aren't today) no real solutions then. so I made my own 12.5th option and gone cold turkey. If any of you played League with me back then would've seen my 5 year gap of gameplay, and this was the reason. Did I mention I was a serial try-hard? So in those five years I've been doodling. Drawing concepts and shredding. I was hitting walls. Someone very wise (my dad) more than once mocked me being hardheaded and said I'd never stop until I hit the southern-wall. I never figured out where that southern-wall is (Trump wall?), but I told him if I hit that wall head on and fast enough, my spirit would make it through.... leaving behind a corpse for him to keep mocking.
One day I was driving from riverside back to Rowland on 60 W, an idea lit up. Immediately I took out a pen and started drawing going 65 mph. It was good, even the F'U's and sign languages from passing by vehicles felt applauding. I took my drawing and made it 3D, then pitched the idea to over 100 investors (no positive response). I then took printed 3D model to makerfairs and tradeshows for 2 more years (no positive response), I then booked a flight and went to Shenzhen / Dongguan / Guangdong / YiWu and visited 100 peripheral making factories (a few positive responses). I selected one factory and gave them the blueprint. Today the Rabbit Mouse sells all over Asia and I don't get paid a penny. Morale of the story? Leave your corpse behind.
What went down with Ergonomics and why it's a canard:
Today, you type in the keyword "ergonomic mouse" in google and get a result on a vast variety of incestuous look-alike side way/vertical non-performing cheap but expensive plastic bricks. They offer no real solution other than selling a story on pronation. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25479984/ "Ergonomics", in the past decade has been the single most misused word that foretold a fairy-tale lie. There's no medical or scientific proof that backs any of the currently existing ergonomic mouse /mouse pad solution has validity in their claims. Yet their pricing doubles.
I started QuadraClicks as a personal resolution. 6 years ago, I only wanted to make a perfect mouse that doesn't cause any repetitive strain on my hand so I could continue playing my favorite games at my personal best, uninterrupted.
I wanted to not have to worry about someone squeezing my hand in a handshake due to CTS, because i too had an iron grip a long time back. In the past 3 years RBT mouse had been exhibited at CES, E3, Desigcon, Chinajoy, Ergoexpo and other Tradeshows. There have been numerous tech news and articles covering the benefit of Right 'Bove Touch in many countries. 
A few days ago our Instagram was tagged so I took a look and saw this:
This by far was the most amazing RBT story I've seen yet, and is truly a powerful moment. So I'd like to ask you to drop the dude a follow / watch some of his stream / videos for support. Cameron's been a true hero to those that know him and an inspiration to us gamers all.   
If you have been reading my blogs, thank you for being so patient because we all know I don't update often enough. I have been exercising and reading amid Covid-19,  and hopefully getting myself ready for a marathon sometime in the future. Well, stay safe everyone! 
I'll continue on this another day.