Should You Really Buy a $400 Gaming Mouse?

Most professional esports players jump at the opportunity to get a mouse that can improve their game. But every once in a while, we get a customer who’s hesitant to spend what seems like a fortune.

Usually, the concerns go along the lines of “should I really be spending $400 on a gaming mouse?”. And in all fairness, that’s a natural and completely valid concern.


You could buy half a dozen AAA games, a brand new 144hz monitor, or perhaps a set of handcrafted keycaps for your keyboard. The choices are endless. So how come some of the best players are shelling all that cash on the RBT Rebel instead?


Well, it’s for the same reason athletes across all sports spend a fortune on their gear. Golfers buy $1,500+ golf clubs when they could get a basic alternative for a tenth of that price. Sprinters buy $500 joggers when something much cheaper could still get the job done. Professional esports players do the same thing when choosing their gear.


Here’s why. When it comes to competing against the best of the best, every bit of improvement matters. You just can’t skimp on your gear and still hope to compete at the top of the ruthlessly competitive world of professional gaming. As such, a shift in mindset is in order.


Having the Mindset of an Investor


So the question you need to be asking isn’t whether to buy a $400 gaming mouse, but if investing that kind of money in your career is a wise choice.


You’ve probably shelled out more money on a graphic card, monitor, or some other part of your gaming rig. Why did you do that? Because you knew you’d be getting a solid return in the form of a better gaming experience.


The same is true with our revolutionary mouse. You’re not buying something for the sake of buying it. You’re investing in the success of your gaming career. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find an investment that will give you a better bang for your bucks.


Let’s see why.



The Real Benefits of Investing in an Innovative Gaming Mouse


When we say that the RBT Rebel is going to be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your gaming career, we mean it.


Here’s a list of just three of the many reasons that make us so sure.


1. Extend Your Career

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again. Esports is one of the most brutal professional sports out there. Don’t let popular media tell you otherwise.


Take boxing. Despite getting hammered, battered, and punched in the face every time they enter the ring, boxers stay at the top of their game well into their mid-30s—sometimes even early 40s.


Surely someone who plays video games for a living must be safer. But one look at the statistics will tell you otherwise. The average esports player retires at just 25 years of age. That’s like 15 years earlier than people who literally bang each other’s heads for a living!


Unfortunately for gamers, 10-12 hours of daily bashing on the mouse results in a condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome. It happens because of the flawed design of your typical mouse. You know, where you position your hand in a claw to make those clicks? That’s the culprit right there.


With the RBT Rebel, however, you can bash the clickers all you want because you’ll be hitting it with the base of your fingers. Hence avoiding that dangerous clawed position.


Just imagine the difference an extra five or ten years could make for your gaming career!



2. Gain a Competitive Edge


Few things are more overrated than talent. Talk to anyone at the top of their field and they’ll tell you all about the hard work and dedication it took to get there.


What truly separates people in most fields isn’t pure luck or genetics, but the intensity and quality of their training.


The good news is that our revolutionary design is made to help you do exactly that. Here’s how. You know how your hand and forearm start aching after a long session of training? Well, it’s the same for everyone. But you can dramatically reduce the pain of training by clicking with the base of your fingers using our design instead of bending the whole thing into a claw.


As a result, you get to train harder and longer, every single day.


Obviously, you won’t turn into the next Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok by switching to a better mouse. But being able to train better than the competition will make small but daily improvements in your skills, and over time, these tiny changes will add up and completely transform your career.


Just look at commercial flights for a real-world example. Changing the direction of a plane by just a few degrees can mean the difference between landing in New York City or Scranton. The same holds true with your gaming career. Being able to train just a few extra hours a day with minimal aches and injuries can put you leagues ahead of the competition over the course of a career.



3. Make a Rock-Solid Commitment


There are two kinds of people. Those who dream. And those who achieve their dreams. Want to know what separates them? The dreamers never commit to their goals and never put their 100% into anything. But the achievers leave no stone unturned to solidify their commitment and dedicate all their effort to achieving their dreams.


So if you want to dramatically improve your odds of turning pro, you need to make a solid commitment to your esports career. And investing in world-class gear is one of the best ways to do it.


Research has proven this time and time again. The more we invest in something, the harder we push to succeed. For example, people who buy basic gym memberships give up within the first few weeks of signing up. But those who hire a personal trainer keep pushing until they achieve all their fitness goals.


Similarly, by investing in an RBT Rebel, you can solidify your commitment to your gaming career. It will serve as a daily reminder that this is who you are. Esports is your future. And your success is no longer a matter of if but when.



Ready to Invest in Your Gaming Career?


The RBT Rebel can help you get more value out of each training session, more hours of training from each day, and more years of performance from your career. It’s easily one of the best investments you’ll ever make toward making your esports dreams come true.


To help you visualize the value, let’s try a few questions. How much would you be willing to pay to improve your skills 10% faster every day? How much to delay your retirement by five or even 10 years?


If you’re serious about turning pro, we have no doubt that those benefits are worth a lot more than the $400 this mouse is going to cost you. Winning a single tournament, even a small one organized by some indie group, will pay for this investment tens if not a hundred times over!


So if you want to take the destiny of your gaming career into your hands, order the RBT Rebel today!

Oh, and the $400 price mark was just a prank. You're welcome.