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RBT is different in all movements. 

First, rest your fingertips on the front edge of the raised RBT buttons. 

The purpose of this is to let your fingers discover that it doesn't need to curl forcefully to perform an action. 

Second, move the RBT around in a circular direction, both clockwise and counterclockwise while keeping the fingers where they were.

The purpose of this exercise is to  let your hand discover there's a new way to move the cursor, squeezing from side to side is no longer the only option for movement.  You can push and pull the entire RBT back, forth, left, and right by using only your index and middle finger tips. 

Third, look at the palm side of your hand and notice there's space between your palm and the body of RBT. Slide your hand back if you have to.  If you find your hand hovering on top of RBT and your palm is resting on it, you're doing it wrong. There is no palm support for the RBT, because surface contact causes sweat and suppression. 

Fourth, lift your index finger while keeping the middle finger on the edge of  the raised RBT buttons.  Then lower your index finger while keeping it straightened. The contact surface is likely somewhere between the second and major knuckle. Each person may vary due to different hand sizes. Remember this position.

Fifth, Keep your index finger relaxed on the raised RBT left button and lift your middle finger. Then lower your middle finger while keeping it straightened. The contact surface is likely somewhere between the second and major knuckle but is usually different than the location of the index finger's, could be different for each person due to length of your fingers and width of your palm. 

Sixth, look at the height of your elbow. It needs to be equal or slightly lower than your wrist. Lower your chair or raise your table if you have to.

Kick you legs up on the desk if you feel like it!

This may seem counterintuitive to everything you've learned about ergonomics... but hey, try it for yourself.

If you've completed the above six steps, then you should be on your way to mastering the use of RBT in no time.  

Repeat step One through Six if needed. 



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DIsclaimer:  Right 'Bove Touch comes with embedded 6 dpi settings and work on Window, Mac, and Linux with or without the software.

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Testimonials, Professional Endorsements, & Medical Data

"The ideal mouse will impose a lesser degree of musculoskeletal stress on the fingers and hand. Essentially, it will keep the hand and fingers in the neutral position for longer periods of time. This is one of the great benefits of the Quadra Clicks RBT mouse. It reduces tendon stress and simultaneously provides less muscle fatigue for increased accuracy and performance as compared to conventional computer mouse devices. Most importantly, it will greatly reduce the probability of acquiring a tendon pathology like carpal tunnel syndrome. By extension, therefore, we can classify the Quadra Clicks RBT mouse as a “preventative measure” against carpal tunnel syndrome."

Dr. Z (Maik Zannakis) Neurophysiologist, Bioengineer, and Medical Director @CarpalRX

"While this innovation (RBT) might seem minor at first, when looking at the mechanics of clicking from the anatomical lens, this small shift actually makes lasting impact on the overall health of your hand by decreasing the amount of stress on the flexor tendons of your digits. By lessening the overexertion of your tendons, this mouse can work to actively fight against tendinopathies as well as other repetitive motion injuries of your hand. I personally use the RBT mouse for its comfort and innovative design knowing that it can promote the longevity of my hands."

Bryan Kang OTD, OTR/L Occupational Therapist / Hand Therapist @Kaiser Permanente

I would recommend this mouse to anyone who spends a lot of time doing repetitive mouse clicking.
The left mouse click does the typical selections, and the right mouse click will open settings for the selected item. I use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out, and I can pan by pressing down on the scroll wheel. For the side buttons I customized keystrokes so I can use them to go up and down stories when I'm modeling a house. ArchiCAD is a BIM software so drafting and modeling go hand in hand. Having all the buttons makes navigating the floor plans and 3D model really simple."

Meching M. Lau Morgan Smith Architect