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The unique "reverse activation" design is intended to reduce or eliminate Trigger Finger, one of the common RSI injuries encountered by those who engage in heavy mouse clicking. 

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  • Superior Ergonomics

    Right 'Bove Touch design eliminates Trigger Fingers by providing resting place for fingertips. 

  • Superior Accuracy

    With RBT clicking apparatus designed for proximal phalanx usage, each click is vertical, hence clicking is more accurate. 

  • Superior Performance

         Vertical angle of clicking from RBT design eliminates need for intensive gripping and re-aim during repetitive usage.  

RBT - Rebel Real 1.112

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Warranty & Refund Policy

RBT Rebel Real unit comes with 1 year limited manufacture Warranty. Exchange only. No return accepted. 

Who and Why

QuadraClicks Gaming was founded in 2015 by a team of PC gaming Enthusiasts actively looking for a solution to solve computer usage related RSI's. Our visionary founder created the RBT design through numerous trials and error. The result is astonishing and works amazingly.