ergonomic mouse cause carpal tunnel injuries

"Ergonomics" in the past decade has been the single most misused word that foretold a fairy-tale lie.

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RBT Rebel Real 1.112 Software

Warranty Policy

RBT Rebel Real unit comes with 1 year parts only warranty. If your rabbit mouse breaks within one year, ship it back to us and we'll send you a new one. 

Who and Why

Qeric Koten, inventor of Right 'Bove Touch, having suffered Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in his undergraduate college years from playing too much computer games desperately needed a solution to solve his own RSI in mousing so that he could get back to gaming. In 2013 QK had a vision while taking a shower and began putting the RBT idea on paper.  After pitching the RBT idea at CES for 3 consecutive years, was finally able to hire the right manufacturer to bring the Rabbit Mouse to life.