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Carpal Tunnel Miracle

Retire your mouse, not your workforce.

Relieve Carpal Tunnel Pain and Prevent Injury


Upgrade your mouse to a RBT.


The Injury-Free Mouse for Tech Companies and Professionals


According to the National Center for Health Statistics, carpal tunnel syndrome accounts for the highest number of days lost due to work-related injuries. The sad truth is that “ergonomic” mouses don’t work to prevent CTS and tenosynovitis. Wrist pain can become very serious very fast, even costing you your career, so you need something that works.


That’s why we started from scratch and developed a whole new concept. No more wasted talent and unnecessary worker’s comp. RBT enables you to maximize your value and that of your employees, improving performance, comfort, and productivity.

  • Optimal Performance

    RBT is designed with the perfect level of sensitivity and response, enabling optimal performance in every application from gaming to architectural design

  • Improved Comfort

    Discomfort can cost your business in more ways than one. Give yourself and your staff what they need to maintain peak productivity while improving your overall employee satisfaction.

  • Reduced Risk of Injury

    Reducing the risk of injury to yourself and your employees will not only save your productivity, but also your worker’s comp, turnover, and other workforce expenses.

No Software Needed

RBT comes with embedded 6 DPI settings and works with Windows, Mac, and Linux with or without a software download. You can download the software for Windows through Trustpilot here.


Download Windows RBT Software

Join thousands already enjoying pain-free mousing.

We’ve already sold thousands around the world without a single report of CTS pain while using the RBT. If you’re tired of fighting wrist pain in pursuit of your work and other passions, it’s time to trade your mouse in for a RBT.

  • Healing and Prevention

    By moving the contact points from the fingertips to the second knuckles, we’ve completely bypassed the biomechanics that cause carpal tunnel syndrome. In most cases, you can return to work immediately.

  • Loved by CTS Experts

    A global leader in neurophysiology and bioengineering, carpal tunnel expert Dr. Maik Zannakis has evaluated the RBT and endorsed its design with a comprehensive report.

  • Building New Muscles

    Because you’re engaging different muscles than you’re used to, you might experience typical muscle soreness in the first few days. This will subside with use and make way for pain-free work and leisure.

  • “It reduces tendon stress and simultaneously provides less muscle fatigue for increased accuracy and performance as compared to conventional computer mouse devices.”

    Download Dr. Zannakis’ comprehensive report.

Learn more about CTS and RBT.

Learn more about the value of work-related pain relief, The Seven Sins of the Computer Mouse, and more. Whether you’re already using RBT and you want to maximize your performance or you’re still considering your options and deciding whether to invest in improved comfort and reduced risk of injury, the RBT Blog has the info you’re looking for.

3 Years Warranty & 100 Days Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind the quality and performance of our innovative design. If your RBT breaks within 3 years, we’ll send you a new one, no questions asked. All you have to do is send your broken RBT back, so we can identify any opportunities for improvement.


Give yourself at least 90 days to measure the improvement in grip force and pain reduction. Do a before and after photo/video, and get ready to be amazed.


Upgrade your mouse to a RBT

Medical Data & 3rd Party Review Links

"The ideal mouse will impose a lesser degree of musculoskeletal stress on the fingers and hand. Essentially, it will keep the hand and fingers in the neutral position for longer periods of time. This is one of the great benefits of the Quadra Clicks RBT mouse. It reduces tendon stress and simultaneously provides less muscle fatigue for increased accuracy and performance as compared to conventional computer mouse devices. Most importantly, it will greatly reduce the probability of acquiring a tendon pathology like carpal tunnel syndrome. By extension, therefore, we can classify the Quadra Clicks RBT mouse as a “preventative measure” against carpal tunnel syndrome." -Dr. Z  (Maik Zannakis) Neurophysiologist, Bioengineer, and Medical Director @CarpalRX

"QuadraClicks are out to save the world one hand at a time, and I’m glad the mouse made its way into my own hand. And I didn’t even know it needed saving."  - FirstLook

"The unconstrained grip feels natural, and it's being endorsed by blender team" - BlenderNation

"RBT Helps Reduce Headache and numbness in fingers" - OverClockers 

"Eliminates Risk of Trigger Finger, Reduces Pain and Force of Clicking, Click Cleanly With No Unintended Mouse Movement, Can Reduce Fingertip Sensitivity, Minimal Learning Curve, Can Reduce Wrist Extension, and Provides 'Gap' Under Hand"- ErgoCanada 

"Easy on the thumb, Keeps De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis at bay!" - HardwareHound

Carpal tunnel syndrome results in the highest number of days lost among all work related injuries. Almost half of the carpal tunnel cases result in 31 days or more of work loss.National Center for Health Statistics

Carpal Tunnel Injuries affected over 5 million U.S. workers in 2010 and are growing.  PubMed

CTS surgery occurs between 400,000 and 500,000 cases annually in the US with an economic cost of over $2 billion. PubMed

Onboarding Instructions

Right 'Bove Touch Software

For Window Only Download Link  

DIsclaimer:  Right 'Bove Touch comes with embedded 6 dpi settings and work on Window, Mac, and Linux with or without the software.

Warranty Policy

RBT Rebel Real unit comes with 3 year parts only warranty. If your RBT breaks within three year, ship it back to us and we'll send you a new one. Details here

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