A Brief Look Into Computer Mouse Data

Annual sale of computer mouse is estimated at $1.8 billion from 10 companies. 

There’s a growing demand for Ergonomic mouse for health reasons and Wireless mouse for portability reasons.

Limited Source of Companies data collected from these ten companies:

 A4TECH, Apple Inc., AZIO Corp., Dell Technologies Inc., Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co., Lenovo Group Ltd., Logitech International SA, Microsoft Corp., Razer Inc., and Sony Corp. 

mouse sales data

Source: Technavio


Computer mouse sales growth is the same as that of personal computer sales, which continue to grow at 3.8% a year, averaging 6% per year over the past 2 decades. 

With rise to Esports, computer mouse users are becoming younger. 

Esports data

Source: Technavio

There is a strong association between PC Gaming / Esports popularity and Carpal Tunnel Injuries. 

Number of CTS cases continue to rise in youth (13 - 24 yrs) population. 

Another section that relies heavily on the computer mouse is CAD design.

cad design

Source: Techvanio