RBT Rebel Real 1.112 Ergonomic Gaming mouse - Relax Grip

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Eliminates Risk of Trigger Finger - The "Reversed" action on the RBT buttons means that users are able to let their fingers rest and relax against the buttons without fear of accidental activation. Gone are the days of fingers hovering over the buttons, tensed for the next "click", a key factor in the development of Trigger Finger. 

Reduces Pain and Force of Clicking - The unique design of the RBT mouse positions the activation point for the buttons at the "base" of the fingers. This "reverse" design requires very nominal effort for activation and virtually eliminates any finger movement. This improved movement results in a noticeable reduction in the force required for click activation.


Click Cleanly With No Unintended Mouse Movement - The design of the RBT isolates the click movement to isolate the clicking action to require a completely vertical force, avoiding the "backwards motion" of the mouse which curling the tip of the finger to click generates on traditional mice.


Can Reduce Fingertip Sensitivity - Because clicking on the RBT is moved back and away from the fingertips the potential for fingertips to become over-sensitized from repetitive "tapping" is greatly reduced. Of course, it can still be a risk because of keyboarding style and choice of keyboard.


Minimal Learning Curve - The traditional shape and layout of the RBT Rebel Real Mouse lends itself towards a nominal learning curve. Users will need to adapt their usage to work with the "Reverse Action" clicking, the key benefit and feature of the RBT. Clicks are audible with good tactile feedback.


Can Reduce Wrist Extension - The "reverse" button action on the RBT encourages users to let the fingers relax and actually rest while using the mouse. This more relaxed position can result a reduction in Wrist Extension and potentially reduce the risk of developing associated RSI. Learn More About Wrist Extension.


Provides "Gap" Under Hand - For power users who mouse intensively for extended periods of time, for example some gaming enthusiasts, the button design creates a void under the palm and wrist. This reduces the likelihood of applying pressure on the underside of the wrist (Carpal Tunnel / Median Nerve), and also allows airflow to keep hands cooler.
RBT Rebel Real comes with 1 year limited manufacture Warranty. 
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