Dr. Bryan Kang Endorsing RBT mouse

RBT – Mouse


I was impressed with the RBT mouse’s dedication to ergonomics and comfort.


When recommending an “ergonomic” mouse to my patients, my number one rule is make sure it is comfortable. Soft tissue injuries, or cumulative trauma disorders, are caused from repetitive, often compensatory, motions in bodily tissue that result in swollen and damaged tissue. For example, if you are sitting on a lopsided chair where one side of your body sits lower than the other side, your muscles will compensate for this imbalance and lead to various tissue over-stretching or tightening causing consistent pain. When applying this analogy to a computer mouse for home, office, or gaming use, the number one priority should be to prevent certain muscles/tendons from overcompensating and promote relaxed, or comfortable, usage. You want your body to function as “normally” as it can, as opposed to adjusting itself to fit a certain position.


The RBT mouse in particular achieves this comfort with its unique clicking mechanism that activates the click closer to the middle of your fingers as opposed to the tips. While this innovation might seem minor at first, when looking at the mechanics of clicking from the anatomical lens, this small shift actually makes lasting impact on the overall health of your hand by decreasing the amount of stress on the flexor tendons of your digits. By lessening the overexertion of your tendons, this mouse can work to actively fight against tendinopathies as well as other repetitive motion injuries of your hand.


I personally use the RBT mouse for its comfort and innovative design knowing that it can promote the longevity of my hands.



Bryan Kang OTD,  OTR/L  06/08/2021

Occupational Therapist / Hand Therapist

Kaiser Permanente

Los Angeles Metropolitan Area