Why Majority of Mouse Designs Fail Part 4 - Antimicrobial In Work Space

ANTIMICROBIAL may not be too strange a terminology for you if you work in the health industry. But, it may not be so clear to the the rest of us who work in everyday small businesses, public services, corporations, schools, and governments.

While toilet seat covers clearly have set our hygiene standards above rest of the world, hand sanitizers, hand washing, and flu shots are still just pre-cautions we have for ourselves, kids, and fellow co-workers, precautions, that's all. 

You don't spread your keel, and I won't share mine; don't touch my drink/food or mouse/keyboard without a rubber because who knows where those hands had been!  

We do a lot with our fingertips, I know, I know, yes this is going to be another conversation on fingertips, but stay with me for a minute and you'll see the why's.

Without going into details on why we enjoy snacks at our fingertips so much, or why scratching your face might turn a pimple into Cystic Acne...  

Or how we emphasize on washing hands but ignore the frequency of how often we touch our PC peripherals... that is, often being touched by another at work too...  I mean...   Do you know who touched that mouse while you were away? 

Fingertip health hazard is real. 

RBT - Right 'Bove Touch design:

Well, we don't play that way =D 

just putting this out there:

fingertip clean


I will continue writing on this another day