Why RBT design Works Better?

If you mouse all day and click a lot, then, the RBT Rebel Real would be a perfect fit for you. Unlike the traditional ergo-mouse design that tries to minimize pronation, the RBT - Right 'Bove Touch design understands the carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI related injuries on a whole new level.  You see, each click from using the fingertip creates a pull-back motion that forces your hand to squeeze harder as a way to counter-balance inaccurate cursor placement, muscle memory that constantly trains our palm to close up the carpal tunnel region is actually the root cause of CTS.  RBT mouse design keeps your palm open as opposed to the usual clutch without sacrificing for accuracy, in fact, it strengths accuracy by providing a downward clicking motion using the underside of fingers while the old mouse creates a slant and uncomfortable angled pull force enslaving the fingertips.