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Thank you for on-boarding with THE QuadraClicks RBT Rebel Real.  I trust you’ll master the Rabbit mouse quickly and start winning for the rest of your life.  There’s a small learning curve which may feel strange at first, so  please follow our tutorial closely.  I’ve created the on-boarding guide and it will knock out the old muscle memories and start you with the new RBT Clicks in no time!  

Link here, hop on!     


For the severe CTS mouse symptom users,  you might feel discomfort and even pain at first. This is because RBT click uses the proximal phalanges of the fingers and is therefore much closer onto the old injury site.  However:

The new biomechanics has now bypassed pressure building process from the wrist and moved it to the forearm.

While using the RBT mouse make sure the elbow is at or lower than the hand level, relax (lower) the shoulder too.  

CTS will likely go away some time, you’ll start noticing the numbness gone first, in a few weeks, this is because exercising your forearm will help drain out the fluid build up within the carpal tunnel.  Once the CT is open, fresh blood can go back in and bring with it nutrients that allows healing and recovery to happen.

(I’m not a doctor, I’m speaking from personal experience and quoting MD’s OTD and Hand Therapists )

And, after and only after conviction, come back and share with us your personal review. This will help others with making an intelligent decision.  RBT’s customization software from quadraclicks.com (windows only) is available for personalizing macro settings, DPI, polling rates and other good stuff.  

Thank you for your courage & support, enjoy your Rabbit !



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